Pawol La - Disip De Gazman Couleur

Pawol La - Disip De Gazman Couleur

Here is a brand new song Pawol La performed by Gazzman Couleur of DISIP. The music is produced in a reggae style and is easy to listen to. Gazzman takes the opportunity to praise God for all he has done for Him. According to Gazzman, the message is in his heart and he would like to serve the Lord until he dies

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Faustin Retel says...

C'est tres bien

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Largange Guy says...

hi brother in jesus may god bless you and your band. thanks for this song. mèci pou zot continié voyé monté pou l'éternel sé bénédiction pou zot é pou nou ki tap

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James P. says...

Saw vlem di, kiyes ki ka fel apre Couleur?

What do u want me to say?Can someone else do it or make it, only

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