Guerrier Henry on Haitian First Lady Martine Moise

Guerrier Henry on Haitian First Lady Martine Moise

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Many people have been criticizing the wife of the new Haitian President, Martine Moise. I wonder why so many people are focusing on the color wich represents the Haitian flag. Did any one as the question why she did not wear the official color of PHT? In that sense, I think she sould be complimented. This might be a sign tha the First Lady is sending the message that she represents all Haitians and not a particular group

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Francy says...

Fok nou sispann pale tenten, ranse tt lajounen de bagay ki pap regle anyen pou sosyete nou an. annou pote kole ansanm, Martine se fierte jeunesse haitienne sispann jalouzi.

ann pa chita pale de pwoblem, annou cherche solisyon pito.pote kole, vini ak tt sa nou genyen poun travay, sispann blokis nasyonal la, se pep la kap peye

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Mecene Laporte says...

MATINE ;un regard qui fait peur aux hommes, ton regard a traverse mon

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Natacha Jeanbaptisttelus says...

Martine is a simple beautiful First Lady, she Carrie herself like she is serving the Lord, and how the Bible ask us "women" to dress as a First Lady I like her style.

Keep up Martine as you are my leader and my First Lady. Please Moise and Martine stay closer to the Lord you will not

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