Haitian Street Food AKA Chin Janbe

Haitian Street Food AKA Chin Janbe

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Here is a video of some of the cooking done in the streets of Haiti. It is an experience you should not miss.

A street food vendor in Creole is called 'Chin Janbe'. Haitian street foods are more delicious than they look. If you know few food names in Creole, can taste surprising, mouth watering delicacy of Haitian street foods like of spicy pickliz (pick-lees), a type of hot mango coleslaw, Griyo (fried pork), or Woma Boukannen (grilled lobster), Tassot/Taso (dried fried meat). Mayi Moulen Kole ak Legim (cornmeal, beans and vegetable stew), or Diri ak Fèy Lalo ak Sirik (crab and Lalo leaf stew), Pwason Boukannen (grilled fish), pig's ears, frescos (fruit soda drink), Poulet en sauce (dark and deeply flavored chicken stew). They are just few to name. The cost of buying the same food from the streets could be much lesser than what you pay at the restaurants (can be as much as 50-75% less). However, although they are tasty and relatively safe for an average stomach, be aware how the food is being handled and cooked by the vendor. Bon appétit!

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Jerome Jean Gilles says...

A la bel bagay papa c lo wap kraze yon fritay lakaye .C dyol loulou.Depi 1km de distance ou komance fe

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Carine says...

Food looks

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