Haiti Election results 2015 by the CEP - In VIDEO

Haiti Election results 2015 by the CEP - In VIDEO

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Here is the video report of Haiti Election results 2015 by the CEP.

As per the published preliminary result by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) of the October 25 election, the following Senators have been elected in the second round: Artibonite : Carl Murat Cantave (KID Party, 53.39% votes); Nippes: Nenel Cassy (Fanmi Lavalas 29.98%); Francenet Denius (Verite 27.89%); Northwest: Onondieu Louis (KID 37.69%); Evalière Beauplan (PONT 36.53%); North east: Ronald Larêche (Verite 39.42%); Jacques Sauveur Jean (PHTK 31.03%); West: Antonio Cheramy (Verite 64.40%); South : Jean-Marie Jr Salomon (OPL 28.33%); Richard Lenine Hervé Fourcand (PHTK 27.51%); Southeast: Dieupie Chérubin (KID 28.78%); Ricard Pierre (Pitit Dessalines 28.32%). If Martelly's PHTK party is outnumbered by the opposition parties in both chambers, they may form a coalition to make PHTK a minority in either of the 119- seat lower Chamber of Deputies or the 30-member Senate. In the contest for the Presidential seat, out of the 54 candidates, two top finishers are Jovenel Moise (32.81) and Jude Celestin (25.27%). Since none of them could reach the 50% plus vote benchmark in the October 25 election, or a lead over 25% votes, a run-off election has been scheduled on December 27, 2015.

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