Fire at a gas Station in Hinche over 7 dead, 30 injured

Fire at a gas Station in Hinche over 7 dead, 30 injured

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Here are the first videos of the fire that started at a gas station in Hinche, Haiti today. Several homes

As per the Civil Defence Office (CDO) report, at least 7 people were killed and 30 others were injured when a truck carrying fuel for Total Oil Company caught fire and exploded in the town of Hinche. Hinche is a town, located some 110 kilometers (65 miles) northeast of the capital Port-au-Prince. As per eyewitness reports, the oil tanker hit a wall while it was going to unload oil to a Total oil pumping station. As the truck hit the wall, some spilt oil from the truck came into the contact with the cooking food on a vendor's outdoor grill and that resulted an instant, ignited spark which came back to the fuel loaded tank immediately, and exploded. The representatives of the Civil Protection Directorate visited the accident spot without delay to rescue the victims and assist law enforcement agencies, the Red Cross and health facilities. The office of the interim president Jocelerme Privert, issued a statement calling on for a quick investigation. His office has put the death toll at nine.

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Francy says...

Alò se la m tj ap di ke Haiti vreman gen pwoblem nan tt kouch, yonn pa respekte lot, tt moun fè sa yo vle pa gen leta, opozisyon vyolan tj sou kraze brize nou pa ka chita ansanm poun pataje konsyans nou de eta nou ye, donk jodia ankò nap viv de plis lot sèn sinema.

Marvel l a dit hier sur les ondes de sa Radio, nou oblije la nati nou fokis sou lajan plis donk limenm lap fè chimen li.pep Ayisyen, malere manmanm yo elas se sam ka di apre 212 ane de

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Yonel Placide says...

Things like that can happen any where in the world with minimal or no casualty at all but when it happens in Haiti it is a certainty that heavy lost of lives will be registered.The reason, no system is put in place to protect lives in the event of an accident of this

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