Former Haitian military taking over Port au Prince

Former Haitian military taking over Port au Prince

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Here is a video as Former Haitian military are taking over Port au Prince. On February 4, they came out in force to show that they are an existing military force in Haiti

Ex Haitian Soldier Stoned To Death by Anti-Government Demonstrators
On Friday, February 5, 26, a large gathering of anti-government demonstrators on the street of Port-au-Prince, stoned one retired paramilitary fighters to death. The retired military personnel, a former army captain named Neroce Ciceron, was in faded green military-style clothes. He was a member of the team that toppled the former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in a 2004 coup. Incidentally, February 5th was the day before when the outgoing President Martelly was scheduled to leave his office to an elected successor.

One of the protesters said, the former military killed us in 2004. We are ready to fight them today.

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Auzirus Dumay says...

This is not a good idea for former military to take the street with there gun to protest.

If they want to do so, but no

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Yonel Placide says...

The situation is rather fluid.This is a great show of force by any means.

The military men need to state clairly their intention.

They have to accept a transitional government as long as this said government represents the interest of the Haitian

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D Rosier says...

I see very clean, new uniforms; where are they come from?

Who pays these "soldiers"?

Where do they find the motos?

the pickups trucks?

How do they live?

Take care of their families?


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