La Gonave Island Paradise Project - The Plan In Video

La Gonave Island Paradise Project - The Plan In Video

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Here is a video of the Plan In Video for La Gonave Island Paradise Project.

A six year old news (dated September 26, 2010): Global Renewable Energy Company conveyed their interest to buy the island of La Gonâve from the Haitian government with their first priority to build a crude oil refinery, petroleum product tank farm, food processing plant, and industrial port within the planned industrial city. However, the project was promoted as an "island paradise and business Mecca". The location on the western tip of the island was chosen, because, here the wind direction would cause minimum environmental impact over the rest of the island. The project as per their stated report, would take 20 years to complete and give employment to 60% of the trainable workforce. The Haitian authority was designated as a "shareholder" in the proposed agreement. There was no mention on the civic authority in the agreement. The project was named "La Gonâve Master Plan". However, as per government sources, the developers will only buy the right to use the land on La Gonâve; the government of Haiti will remain the ultimate land owner and retain ultimate sovereignty over the island. It was a surprising fact that a public disclosure of such status was unknown outside of the principles involved.

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Auzirus Dumay says...

This plan would be good. But it depend.

How they are going to do it. Haiti or the country the haitien people deserve to have a very good profit in that project if it

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