Volo Volo De Boston - Amour Volo

Volo Volo De Boston - Amour Volo

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Probably it has been a long time since you heart this song. Many people who are going to listen to Amour Volo were not even born when Volo Volo released this song in the market. From what I remember this song remained the hit single in Haiti for at least a full year after release

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Patchuko 1 Orlando Fl says...

Roland by coincidence, i was listening to some groups of this era at home this week-end. To name a few, djet-x, freres dejean, skah shah, and of course volo volo. Back then, i remember i went to a bal in boston one week end and we got lost when we got there coming from ny. bad move. we wind up in south boston who was very hostile to non-whites.

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Edgar King says...

Hi Roland! Yes!...Volo Volo de Boston has been a favorite of mine for sometime now. I like their harmonies, great sax-licks, rhythm, and choruses! Very good band of that era! Thanks for sending these videos, and Seasons-Greetings to you and yours, my

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