ESPN Selected "DEKOLE" by J. Perry as theme song for its 2014 World Cup

ESPN Selected "DEKOLE" by J. Perry as theme song for its 2014 World Cup

The Haitian culture is in the spotlight. More specifically the popular song "DEKOLE" written and performed by the Haitian artist Jonathan Perry (simply known as J.Perry), will be the theme song for ESPN during its coverage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Jonathan Perry (simply known as J.Perry) is the author of the song, Dekole.

ESPN has decided to go with the song "DEKOLE" as the International television broadcasting company thinks it is a more appropriate song for the World Cup over the current official song Pitbull's We Are One FIFA pick as the theme song for the World Cup?

From June 12 through July 13, we will be listening to the song from J. Perry constantly on ESPN several times a day as they are covering several soccer games. The lyrics of the song are not related to Soccer; however its beat creates the perfect ambiance for such an event.

Here is a version of J. Perry's "DEKOLE" with Claudia as special guest

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran....

Mezanmi, Gro koze. Nou pa tande ke gro Television yo rele ESPN choizi Mizik J.Perry ki rele "DEKOLE" kom Tem Misik yo pou Foutbal Mondial sa ki ap passe nan Brezil.

Sa se yon gro zafè pou mizik Ayisyen. Kote anpil moun a travè le Mond aprale tande mizik la.

Bravo pou J. Perry. Bravo Pou Kilti Ayisyen. Bravo pou tout Ayisyen kap panse pou devlopman Ti Payi sa yo bay pou Ayiti-a

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Alix says...


so long dekole from J Perry.

I've been watching ESPN since the world cup started and have not heard or seen Perry performs his "dekole".

My question is: what

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Margareth says...

Wow! It's a beautiful music! Very proud! Congrats

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Christine says...

I love this son and am so glad ESPN decided to bring it to the spotlight.

So so proud of my Haitian roots and excited for the opportunity this will bring to

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Kia says...

Awesome news!!! Congrats J Perry!!! Thank you ESPN!!! Go Haiti, Go Brasil !!! Allez Allez allez !!!!

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Claudine says...

Yes we will take off and we hope we land in a new world order of peace and love. JPerry se bon

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Gina says...

Love, love love it..way to represent Haiti..


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Gina says...

Love it..way to represent!! Congrats

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Joey says...

I am ready to "Dekole" together with Haiti.

J. Perry you rock

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Viviane says...

Great news! We can also make the world dance! You will love

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Patrick says...


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