Founi Je, Jenny Wynne or Met Fey Vet

Founi Je, Jenny Wynne or Met Fey Vet

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Here is a video about local production in Haiti.

There is nothing like local food in Haiti. Ask anyone who has left Haiti and he/she will tell you. However there is a major problem with agriculture in Haiti. The land does not produce as much as it use to.

New technics are being developed to solve the problem. These techniques include conservation of natural resources, use of seed banks, and growing a variety of crops to reduce the odds of crop failure, due to weather extremes. Crops with short growth periods are less likely to be vulnerable to flooding or drought; water conservation methods can prolong seasonal harvests when rainfall is sparse; and knowledgeable seed selection guarantees crops of the best grade.

PLD Director, Cantave Jean-Baptiste, claims "Our approach has proven its effectiveness time and again (and) . . . we hope other organizations will . . . take notice and adopt this way of working. . ."

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