Tropicana - December 24

Tropicana - December 24

On this special day, what Haitian band do you think is more appropriate to sing. It is no other than Tropicana D'Haiti in their beautiful song created specially for the occasion. December 24 is a song that will never die. Dou you remember how you spent your December 24 in Haiti. I know many of us had to leave Haiti for a better life and some of us are older than others but my memory of December 24 in Haiti and I am talking about more than twenty years ago, was a magic time. I came from the city of Cap-Haitian where Tropicana is from and I can tell you that on December 24, this is the song you will hear in all the radio stations in the city of Cap-Haitian. Regardless how poor of broke you were during the year, it does not matter because on December 24, you can not think about that. It was a time to forget about all of your problems and just enjoy oneself. How do you remember your December 24. Was it an exciting time for you as well Please share it with us

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Colas Euguens says...

la seule fontaine de ma soif tropicana dhaiti tropic ou douce je taime tropicanai love u tropicana tropicana

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