Vi'n Montre'm - Official music video of Tifane

Vi'n Montre'm - Official music video of Tifane

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With this new music video, Tifane is demonstrating once again that she is a talented artist. Vi'n Montre'm is purely cultural and the music video is one of the best she ever produced.

Tifane is a well rounded musician and she is a gift to the Haitian population. I am proud to have someone like her to represent the Haitian culture in the world

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Jean Michel says...

Jolie et gentille chanson pleine de mouvements cependant les images passent trop vite et celà donne le vertige, il faudait au moins 2 secondes par image pour avoir le temps d'apprecier les mouvements des

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Colette Bony says...

Thank you, Roland, for this beautiful music.

I love it. The girls are beautiful and the boys very handsome.

They dance so well!!
Thanks, again.

Have a wonderful day. God bless you.

With love from

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