The New Hit Song Fok Mwen Ale By Gabel

The New Hit Song Fok Mwen Ale By Gabel

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This is a wonderful production. A new music video from Gabel. The name is Fok Mwen Ale. This is a bunch of talented Haitian musicians who got together and made such realization. Just a few words from this song and you will see how deep the text in the music really is. Tout sa mwen fe poum bliyew, An verite mwen pap janm ka bliyew. Tout sa mwen fe pou kitew, Cherie en verite mwen pap ka kitew. Doudou mwen pa kapab, Men fok mwen ale Cherie mwen pa ka rete, Fok mwen ale

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Rachelle says...

dats my sister group...

she loves them to death..

she has almost all their

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Maria says...

Sa vreman bel, mwen renmen mesye gabel yo, yo
fe bagay ki prop, melodi a bel anpil tou. Kenbe la ti mesye m yo ankouraje, se sa ki politik la tout sa wap fe, fe li

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Junior John says...

se vreman yon bel muzik men, si yo metel an angle neg ka fe yon mirak.keep going

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