Tabou Combo - Gad Etaw Music Video

Tabou Combo - Gad Etaw Music Video

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The group Tabou Combo is back. This time, the band is back with a vengence performing this new hit song Gad Etaw.

Tabou Combo is considered to be Haiti most famous kompa band. This album that includes this hit song Gad Etaw was released on their 40th anniversary. You can notice four of the original members of Tabou Combo such as Roger Eugene know by the name of Shoubou, Yves Joseph also known as Fanfan, Andre Yvon known by Kapi, and Jean Claude Jean.

If you are not familiar with the music of the Haitian band Tabou Combo, you would not know that this is a band filled with diversity in their music. Just listen to this new hit song "Gad Etaw" by the band and you will understand.

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