Gracia Delva And Zenglen - 5 Dwet

Gracia Delva And Zenglen - 5 Dwet

This was one of the most popular songs of its time - 5 Dwet by Gracia Delva, Richie and the Zenglen formation. This was in the mid 1990s where Zenglen was the band in Miami representing Kompa. I remember that was the time when Top-Vice was also one of the popular bands in town as well. Every weekend, there was a program in Miami and at the time this was the capital of the Haitian diaspora and also the capital of Haitian Kompa. Every weekend, there was someting going on. Gracia was on top of his musical career and no other Haitian bands could face Gracia Delvva and Richie at the time.

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