Meet the candidates for the Provisional Presidency of Haiti

Meet the candidates for the Provisional Presidency of Haiti

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Some made the calculation, if they can't be elected to become president of Haiti, may be there is another way around it. Meet the candidates who applied to become Provisional President of Haiti.

Till Friday, February 12, 2016, 13 candidates registered themselves to the provisional Presidency as eligible candidates for the position of Provisional President. At least nine of these candidates had deposited the required filing fees ($8,414) for this 120 day temporary job. The money deposited was intended to be transferred to the State University of Haiti account. The majority of these individuals were virtually unknown to the population; however, three of them were known faces in the Parliament. They were: (i) Jocelerme Privert, President of the Senate; (ii) Dejean Bélizaire, President of the Senate in August 1991, a month before the coup that ousted Aristide; and (iii) Edgard Leblanc Fils (Senate President 1995-2000). This was the first time in the last seventy years that Haitian Parliament voted to elect president since electing Dumarsais Estimé on 16 August 1946, who replaced the U.S backed Dictator Haitian President Elie Lescot. The special Bicameral Commission, finally, shortlisted 3 well known names mentioned here, before for the February 13 provisional election. The ten others who were not approved for the contest are: Cangé Mackenson, Charles Géraud, Duverra Jean Lutès, Jean Pierre Jean Reynold, Félicien Jean Thomas, Louis Charles Joseph Sergot, Amos Duboirant, Donatien Ecclésiaste, Gédéon Gédéus, and Sanon Jeannot.

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