La Montay or Montagne by Frere Joel

La Montay or Montagne by Frere Joel

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In this video, Frere Joel visits an outdoor kitchen and eats some of the best Haitian food

Poverty, depleted environment and inefficient authorities to respond to a crisis have made La Montagne highly vulnerable to even moderate climatic shock. Half of its population earns less than US$1.00 per day and 75% of the population lives on below US$2.00 a day. In rural areas, 90% of the people live below poverty line where the basic social amenities are non-existent.

But amidst all, La Montagne is a very spirited, inspirational place where there is both hope and desperation; extreme poverty and glimmers of opportunity. There is a contagious strong drive among caregivers, clergy and educators to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of La Montagne. Most people work without pay but they work honestly and sincerely. Persevered hard work always leaves a definite positive impact.

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