Fem Fel - Rockfam And Jimmy Ruff

Fem Fel - Rockfam And Jimmy Ruff

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I am not a fan of Rap Kreyol, however, this song Fem Fel by RockFam and Jimmy Ruff allows me to sit down and listen to this song. I know Rap Kreyol is popular in Haiti and si the music style that almost all Haitian teenagers love. RockFam and Jimmy Ruff were able to bring tis style of music to a group of Kompa lovers who would not go out of their way to listen to Rap Music. I can frankly say that I love tis sonf FEm Fel and I would not have any problem listening to more of this music I just have problem with the songs where there is not much music but a lot of talk. I also would like to add if Rap Kreyol wants to increase their market share and become more popular not only with the young crowd, they need to follow the foot steps of RockFam by creatinng music like Fem Fel

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Edgar King says...

Good Sounding Reggae, with Hip Hop Timing, and Funky Beat, with Smokin-Lead, and Rock-Steady

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Fritz Plancher says...

I like this music Rockfam fff tt yy uu ii oo pp.

M fou pou Jazz sa. xxxxxxx pppppppp fff tt hhh

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Subject: Fem Fel - Rockfam And Jimmy Ruff edit

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