VIDEO - Protest erupted and CIMO Officer shot

VIDEO - Protest erupted and CIMO Officer shot

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Here is a video report as protest erupted following the final announcement of CEP.

PEC Refuses to Cancel October 25th Election: Rioting Continues

The Haitian Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) released the final results of the first round in the presidential race. It turns out Jovenel Moise placed first with 32.8% of votes garnered, trailed by Jude Celestin with 25.3% of votes cast. News of Moise outpacing Celestin caused another series of demonstrations in Cabaret and Port-au-Prince. It is widely believed ballot stuffing, and keeping voters from casting ballots falsely put Moise in first place.

Protests quickly grew violent when government supporters and the opposition collided in the streets. One protestor was gunned down and killed, and a police officer also shot, as well as another officer stoned. The usual tire burning also occurred.

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