Kanaval 2012 T Vice-CEC La Qualite

Kanaval 2012 T Vice-CEC La Qualite

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One of the titan in Carnaval music has release his 2012 Haitian Carnival. The group T-Vice just release Kanaval 2012 CEC La Qualite. You have to listen to it and come up with your own conclusion. Is it great, is it good, or is it bad. I can not help you with that. If you are a T-Vice fan, you will probably thing this Kanaval 2012 of T Vice-CEC La Qualite is the best on earth. On the other hand, if you are not a fan or even worst, if you belong to the other camp, you will start criticizing even before you hear the entire song. Anyway, this is what makes it a Carnival season in Haiti. Now that we hear T-Vice, what's next, Djakout Number One

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