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RE: Ansyen depite Anthony Dumont Viole yon ti moun 11 zan

Neg pa gen moral ditou. Sa vle di ke m sie ka gen anpil lot timoun ki kounie a maje ki te Vikti m d mesie sa a. more »

RE: La Gonave Island Paradise Project - The Plan In Video

This plan would be good. But it depend. How they are going to do it. Haiti or the country the haitien people deserve... more »

RE: Former Haitian military taking over Port au Prince

This is not a good idea for former military to take the street with there gun to protest. If they want to do so, but... more »

RE: Hommage a Liliane Pierre Paul - VIDEO

Liliane Pierre Paul deserve that. She's a great great person ever. She's an Icon in Haitian media & I love her so o o... more »

RE: Protesters want Jean Bertrand Aristide to replace Michel Martelly

Something like that can 't be done.& Aristide would not accept it. more »

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